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Veggies coming soon!

We went out this weekend to assess the crops. We looked under row covers, looked at our greens, and pulled up carrots. Wow, there is a lot of food out there! Its been pretty cold and wet, so things are still a little small but we think this week of warmer DRY weather will push the crops along nicely, so we are ready to announce the first start dates of the share:

June 4 and June 7 for Salem pick up

June 5 for Terra Firma Farm pick up

We will send out for the first newsletter of the CSA season the Sunday before these dates. It will include all the logistical information you need about the share pick up.

We can hardly wait for fresh food! It's been one heck of a spring. We've dodged wind storms, lost row cover in the trees and across rt. 82, and pulled trucks out of mud, but that'll only make these veggies taste that much sweeter. We look forward to seeing everyone soon! It won't be long now.