Provider Farm

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Provider Farm changing managament in 2021

Dear Friends, This has been a year like no other. It has been a season that has tested us and pushed us in ways that we could not ever have imagined. We know that this has been a difficult year for many of you as well and we appreciate so much the value that you all place in our farm. As such we have been thinking a lot about our future and what that means for our family. After 8 years here at Provider Farm, it is with mixed emotions that we have to announce that we will be leaving Salem. We have been invited to manage Brookfield Farm in Amherst, MA and we have accepted the opportunity. While the decision did not come easily, after much deliberation and soul searching we have decided that we can not pass up this opportunity. Brookfield Farm is the third oldest CSA in the country, it is an institution and a pillar of the agricultural community. Kerry worked there for 5 years and we were married there. We are sad to be leaving Salem, and sorry to be leaving our CSA when we know it is so important to so many of you. We appreciate so much the support you have all shown us over the years. We have watched your children grow up and we will miss all of you. Salem has been our home for almost 10 years and it is incredibly hard to leave. We apologize for the timing of this news during an especially difficult week. We want to assure you that we told you all as soon as we knew for certain. The winter share will continue as normal and we will have our Thanksgiving store and Christmas store. We wanted to express particular gratitude for the Bingham, Gadbois and Teel families for graciously leasing us their land. We are sad to be ending this chapter of our lives but we are excited for our next steps.

We are excited to announce that our long time employee Hannah Tripp wil be taking over he business in 2021 and continuing with CSA operations. She started with us the same year we started our business as a wee volunteer and has worked her way to assistant manager over the years.  She knows the farm inside and out and many of you know her from the share room. Though we are sad to go, we are so excited to be leaving the farm in her competent hands.  Look out for her share renewals coming soon!


Your farmers, Max and Kerry