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Our response to Covid 19

March 17, 2020

As we plant the first seeds of 2020, a new reality is unfolding before our eyes. We've been through a lot of difficult springs (unending rain, a baby in the NICU, a cancer diagnosis) but this one is pretty unusual. Fortunately, farmers are pretty resourceful and we are ready to make adjustments to our operations as needed.

We are continuing with our crop plan as if everything was normal. We have a small crew right now. Farmers are inherently hermit people and we are keeping our circle small right now. Fortunately, our food safety protocols already cover many of the protocols recommended by the CDC (lots of hand washing, sanitizing and no sick people around work) and we will continue to modify them as more information comes out.

Looking forward, we are prepared to make adjustments to our plant sale, and further out, our CSA distributions based upon CDC and our agricultural extension recommendations. These changes may include but are not limited to: online scheduling for pickups, increased distancing measures, prepacked boxes, hand sanitation stations, prepacking certain items like greens, increased sanitizing measures. We have no idea what to expect in the coming months but are ready to adapt as things change. We will keep you abreast on how we are responding through newsletters and our website.

We also recognize this is a time of massive economic disruption and will work with every person who wants a share to make a payment plan that works for them. Just email us and we will work it out with you! Also, we accept Snap payments and can adjust your payments if you would like use Snap to pay for your share. The wonderful thing about the CSA is that we will get through these difficult times by supporting each other.

We wish everyone ease in these tough times. We will keep calm and farm on.