Provider Farm

From our fields, for your family

Grass-Fed Beef

Photo of cows grazing in pasture

Our cows are raised on a 100% grass based system. They spend their summers breathing fresh air and munching on grass in the sunshine.  In the winter, they come out of the cold into our barn on dry bedding and eat hay.  We never feed our cows grain.  They are 100% grassfed and grass finished, so you get all the benefits of their grass diet.  They are %100 GMO free.

Our cow herd is a mixed herd of Devons and Devon and Jersey crosses. Devons are a rare historic breed of cow. They are a tri-purpose cow: good for milking, meat and for draft power. Our cows also serve another important purpose which is to make fertility for our vegetables. Devons are a rugged cow and thrifty on grass so that they do especially well on a grass based system.