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FAQ's for 2020 share pick ups

Things are a little different this year as we respond to Covid in our share distributions. Got questions? Try here or email us if still need help.

Information for Coogan Farm shareholders:

Where do I go at Coogan Farm?

If you are coming from the north on Greenmanville Rd., drive by the yellow house with the tractor in front of it, and pull into the parking lot directly next to it. Face the yellow house (the Coogan Farm Welcome Center) with your back to the parking lot, and the share shed is in a litle alcove directly to the left of the house (in between the house and the road).

Should I bring a bag?

Shares are packed into waxed boxes. You can take it and bring it back or later, or pack it into your own bag at your car and leave the box in the rack provided for returned boxes.

Information for Salem pick ups:

I've never pick up a share before, so I can't pick the type of pick up I want. Whats the difference between a Farmer's Choice boxed share and the scheduled pick up?

  • Farmer's Choice Boxed pick up: For this option,we, the farmers will select what is in the box every week, pack it up and you will just pick up a box during regular share hours. You can pack the share into your own container. We will take back boxes and sequester them for a week.

  • Scheduled share pick up: This will be more similar to our regular pick up which allows shareholders to pick out their share. For this option, we will lay out the produce like a store and you will be able to select things you like within the guidelines of the share and depending on what is in season. Generally the share is arranged in sections: "hard vegetables (like roots, onions, peppers, things that are not leafy greens), greens, and then special harvest, which are typically itemized, very seasonal crops like snap peas. We have black boards hanging up to explain the quantities you can select from each section.  We will pack certain smaller items that have to be handled alot which would otherwise slow people down or cause a lot produce handling. This would be things like carrots or salad greens (usually we put out a container of carrots and people can pick them, salad is usually a container that people pack bags out of with tongs, not great this year...) Other larger items like  peppers will still be loose. We will provide bags. Unfortunatly, it will be a big plastic use year.

If I choose the scheduled share pick up, can I change my pick up time?

Yes! We are using the platform "Sign up genius" which allows you to change to a different slot if another one is available.You can watch a quick video tutorial on using "Sign up Genius" here.

I am having someone else pick up my share. Can they use sign up genius to schedule a time?

Yes, jsut send them the link.

What if I miss my slot or I just can't make it to pick up my box or share?

Please don't make it a habit, but if you have missed your slot, you can try to sign up for another one. If that doesn't work, just come to the share and we will squeeze you in in a gap. You may just have to wait.

If you just can't get here, please text or call me (860) 222-5582 or email me and I can arrange to put your share out in a cooler at an agreed upon time.

Will you provide bags? What will the share be packed in?

We will provide bags for the scheduled share pick up. Unfortunatly, we ask that you use our bags this year and do not reuse bags in the share room. It will be a lot of plastic this year but this is the reccomendation from the CDC.

Boxed shares will be in waxed vegetable boxes. You may pack your share into your own containter and return boxes. They will be sequestered for  a week.

I am sharing my share with someone. Can either of us come?

Yes! But please only have one person come to the farm each week. The share will be under the name of the principle account holder.  Please make sure whoever comes understands share pick up procedures so they can pick up quickly and that they follow Covid prevention measures.

In the past you have sold other farm's products like yogurt, pork and eggs. Will you do that this year?

Demand for local products has been off the charts and I don't expect other farmers to have a surplus for us. If I do find a source, I will consider carrying some products if I determine we can handle sales in a safe way. We will wait and see how this goes and assess once the share starts.

How do I buy beef?

We are sold out of many cuts but still have lots of great roasts, sirloin steaks and liver. You can email me an order prior to the share, I will email you an invoice you can pay online and we will either put it in a cooler with your name on it in the boxed share pick up area if you are getting  a box or hand it to you when you conme in for scheudled pick up slot.

I am activiely building this FAQ page so email me any questions you have and I will add them.