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August 16, 2020

This Week's Share

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Please select one slot per week. If you sign up for this week, it will not carry over to the following weeks.

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Salem Boxed Share notes: 

Regular and large shares will also get kale.

Regular shares will also get kale.

There it is. Do you feel it? It's a little bit darker in the mornings, just a hint of it in the air, a tinge in the leaves. Fall is slowly creeping in and this is the week when you can really start to feel it. We are in peek tomatoes, the watermelons are still around (but not for long) and the third planting of cucumbers is producing, but the spaghetti squashes will probably come in sometime at the end of the week and we're fixing to start harvesting potatoes.

We are on the cusp of seasonal change which is exciting because broccoli! but it means now is the time to get those summer last blasts in. Eat those tomatoes, gorge on those melons because they won't be around for long now.

We will continue to have self serve sauce tomatoes until we don't. We will also have extra cukes available again for $1.50/lb self serve for those last minute pickles. This week will probably be it for the season for cukes.

Recipe of the Week: 

The easiest tomato sauce in the world

  • tomatoes, chopped. you can squeeze out some of the excess water and seeds if you like prior to chopping
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • fresh basil, parsley to, if you want
  • oregano
  • one onion, chopped
  • a couple cloves of garlic, chopped

Fry up your onions and garlic an a healthy glug of olive oil. When they are translucent, add the tomatoes. Cook them till softened. Then grind it up with an immersion blender or food processor (don't burn yourself!)
Put the sauce back on the heat and season with herbs, some salt and a grind of pepper. Cook until desired thickness is reached. Correct salt to taste and enjoy!


Do you feel it?

cows and child
Where the wild things are.


Dear Friends,


After a week of things falling apart and just in general going wrong, we spent most of the past week trying to restore some sense of order to the farm and getting things back under control. That was the plan at least. In practice there is absolutely no way to maintain order and control in August. We run around putting out fires doing the best we can. August is hard time on the farm in a normal year but this year things are especially hard. Like so much of the world, the reality of living with the threat of Covid-19 has meant that everything just takes longer. Packing boxes, sanitizing surfaces, extra CSA hours, figuring out care for Shep. It’s not a situation unique to us. Really it seems like everyone is having to do this but it does mean that we are finding ourselves with less time, we need more hands on the farm and we are feeling the pressure and stress of the time.


This week was largely dominated by carrots, doing our best to weed the storage carrots while also finding time to harvest the summer carrots that are ready. When we weren’t dealing with carrots or doing the regular CSA harvest we found a moment to finish the storage onion harvest. Typically the onion harvest is one bear of a day and this year we ended up doing it over a few afternoons instead. This made the overall job seem a lot less difficult and less terrible. The onion harvest can be a tough one and anything we can do to make it go easier is always a good thing.


While it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and get bogged down in the daily grind, it’s important to take a look at the bigger picture as well. It’s mid August on the farm and the fall crops are taking shape in a major way. I just mentioned that the storage onions are all safe and sound in the greenhouse. Elsewhere on the farm the potato vines have died back and are ready to harvest. The winter squash is ripening right before our eyes, with the spaghetti squash just about ready to come in. The sweet potatoes are looking incredible for this time of year, gaining tremendous size every day. And the fall brassica fields are beautiful seas of green, blue and purple. Maybe it’s because its unusually crisp and cool this evening but it’s starting to feel like fall will be here in no time.


Your farmers,

Anya, Bonnie, Erica, Hannah, Jordan,Kerry, Larry, Marycia, Max, and Meredith

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