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June 14, 2020

Some of you have asked and yes, our remaining seedlings will be available for sale. You can grab what you would like, tell Marycia and Hannah how many you have and I can invoice you for them, or you can pay with cash or check at the share. They are $2/pot.


Grass-fed beef is available. There has been high demand so we are out of ground beef but we have a ton of excellent roasts and sirloin and strip steaks, plus some others. See our price list and availability here. You can email me an order and I will invoice you ahead of your pick up. Please give me a day lead-time. Coogan shareholders, you can also order and I will leave your order in a cooler with your name on it.


Wow, it was so uplifting to see all of your faces this past week. You all brought such joy and patience when needed as we all get acquainted with our new way of doing things. It really was the high point of my week to see you all again. I had been stressing about the first pick ups so much and you all just brought such wonderful energy it carried me through the weekend.


This Week's Share

Please note not every item is included, it is a choice between items.

Click here for the new Scheduling form.

The good news this week is I learned a TON this week about how to proceed with sign ups. 

First off, I added more slots, so that should open up the schedule quite a bit. 

Secondly, this sign up will be for 1 month. Please select 1 time per each week to pick up your share. Some people want consistency, others want flexibility, so I hope this will provide you with both. You can always change your selection if your schedule changes, so don’t fret! I can help you if you can’t figure it out. If you just can’t find the slots you need, let me know and we will get you set up.

Thirdly, if there is a rush, it seams to bog down the form, so please try again later if you can't get on right away.

The sign up will go out with the newsletter every week at 9 PM.

To change a pick up slot:

First,pick a new slot on the signup form.

Then click on the link on the sign up page that says  “change your slot”. This link will have you send an email to yourself with a link to delete your old slot. 

You can also go to the email you received after signing up which will have a link to edit/delete your old slot.

Please don’t stress too much about these sign ups. If you arrive early or late, come to the share room and we’ll get you in when there is a gap. You can come anytime during the 15 minute slot, you don’t need to be there at the beginning of it on the dot. 

Salem Boxed Share notes: 

The regular and large share will also recieve a bunch of turnips. The large share will recieve chard.


Please note these lists are a guestimate of what the shares will be. Sometimes things surprise us and have gone by or are ready early, so they may change on the fly.


Things are starting to really get going in the fields and we’ll start to see a rush of new crops every week.


New this week lots of beautiful scallions. These are one of favorites, such a mild tasty allium. Chop these up in anything, great for stir fries, salads, tacos, really they add something special to everything.


What are those curly things??? These, my friends, are garlic scapes, a special once a year treat. These are the flowering buds we clip off our garlic for a special garlicky spring treat. Use them as you would garlic. Do not ignore them, I promise you will be delighted by their mild garlic flavor in all your dishes. They also make a slamming super garlicky pesto.


Anything we planted in the early spring has thoroughly revolted against us. The spinach just up and bolted and our first planting of broccoli is heading up, but not very impressively, so we will have a trickle of broccoli coming in. Fortunately, the second planting looks much better, so we’ll see more soon!


I spied in the field the beginning of squash and zukes in the field. It won’t be long now till we see them coming into the share!

Recipe of the Week: 

Garlic Scape Pesto

  • 6-7 garlic scapes
  • 1/3 cup pumpkin seeds or pine nuts
  • 1/4 cup basil leaves, parsley, arugula or spinach (if desired)
  • 1/4 cup parmesean cheese
  • salt to taste
  • juice from half a lemon
  • olive oil, about 3/4 to 1 cup

Put all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to blend. With processor running, pour olive oil over the mixture. Blend until pesto is spreadable. Serve over pasta. Pesto can also be frozen.

Getting into the rhythm

Getting some lettuce in the ground.
Getting some lettuce in the ground


Dear Friends,


Week one is in the books. We appreciate everyone being so cooperative and receptive to the changes we’ve had to make to share pick up. The lead up to the first share can always be a bit nerve racking and stressful and this year we had the challenge of reimagining our distribution in the time of Covid. This was no small task and it was one that Kerry largely undertook by herself while I have been preoccupied with keeping the field work on schedule. The share distribution went about as well as we could have hoped and it feels like the CSA season is officially underway. We were delighted to distribute shares again and as with most things once we got started everything felt better. 


Now that we are harvesting, having CSA pick ups, and packing whole sale orders we can start to get into a rhythm and hopefully, hit our groove. Every June, just as we begin to start the harvest we enter into a brief but drastic planting lull. While we still have lettuce and scallions to put in weekly, the summer crops have all been planted. Starting in July, we will begin to plant and seed fall storage crops but for the moment, there isn’t a ton going into the field. We’re busy in the green house seeding thousands of fall brassicas but the transplanter is idle at the moment. 


Its an interesting change after spending the past two months sprinting to fill the fields as fast as we could, anxiously looking at weather forecasts and trying our best to stay on track. The break in planting is welcome because there are weeds to kill, crops to water and so much food to harvest. That being said, we will be right back to planting before we know it. We have acres of fall broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower still to plant. Not to mention, the acre of carrots that I will begin seeding around the Fourth of July. 


All in all, things are looking pretty good on the farm. The spring crops are starting to produce in earnest and the summer crops are looking stellar. It’s always exciting to see the farm take shape. In the early spring the fields are a blank canvas, so many possibilities but so raw and unformed. At this time of year, with so much planted we can start to see how the rhythm of the season is going to start to play out. While we plan out where the crops are going to go, that doesn’t quite compare to actually seeing them in the fields. It’s an exciting time of year. We’re not quite as bone tired as we’re going to be a month from now. The weeds are still growing slowly and we have a fair handle on things. Four weeks from now the farm will be a different place and we will be doing our best just to keep up but for now things look nice and it’s nice when things are  nice. 


Your farmers,


Bonnie, Erica, Hannah, Jordan, Kerry, Larry, Marycia, Max and Meredith,

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