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June 4, 2017

Welcome to the first share pick up of 2017. We have had quite the spring and are excited to start the share. Here are the logistics:

Provider Farm share distributions:

Local on farm pick ups are Tuesdays and Fridays 2-7 PM at 30 Woodbridge Rd. in Salem.  If you are new this season, we will be there to great you and show you the ropes. Shareholders who pick up on the farm do not have to pick a day. You can come to either pick up day week to week. I always recommend Tuesdays as they tend to be less busy. If you can not make the pick up, have a friend or family member come pick it up. You do not need to tell us if someone is picking up for you.

Please do not use the driveway to the big yellow house. There is parking across the road and behind the barns.

We provide bags but you may want to bring a sturdy box or bag to carry everything in. As we get into the season, the share will get larger and heavier and you may want something to carry it all in.

For those who split a share, we ask that you either come together to pick up your share or alternate weeks, but not come separately during the week. I use the person who signed up for the share as a contact person and that is who I communicate with regarding payments and other share information. I can add your share partner to the newsletter mailing list if you email me, but it is up to those sharing a share to communicate otherwise.

Terra Firma Farm shareholders:

Terra Firma Farm share distributions are Wednesdays 3-7 at Terra Firma Farm's farm stand at 564 Norwich-Westerly Rd., North Stonington. If you can not make the pick up, feel free to have a friend or family member pick up. Shares are packed into boxes for you and there is a check off sheet with your name and share size. Please be sure you take the correct box size. Terra Firma can not store boxes overnight and all boxes left over at 7 will be donated to a local food pantry. We will take back boxes, so you can unpack and leave your box at the farm stand for us.

I (Kerry) send out the weekly newsletter to you. Brianne Casadei, owner of Terra Firma may email you specific information regarding the pick up location in addition as needed. If you have a concern or question specific to the pick up location, you can email her.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting our new shareholders!


This Week's Share

Please note each crop in the lists above are hyperlinks. If you click on them, it will take you to information on storage and recipes from our website.

First share of the year means lots and lots of greens. It's salad time! There is nothing like spring lettuce. Its so sweet and crisp and is especially refreshing after a dark winter of grocery store lettuce. We are swimming in lettuce right now. While many of the crops are completely unenthused by the rain and cold, the lettuce has been reveling in it and we have about three plantings ready to go right now! I am so excited to eat these lettuce wraps.

The cooking greens are tender and coming in strong. Put these in whatever you are cooking or just saute the up with some garlic. Can't use up your kale? There is always kale chips, a way to devour a bunch of kale in one sitting and enjoy it!

Spring roots are tender and sweet. We have spring baby carrots, maybe the best carrots you've ever tasted. These were actually seeded in the fall and overwintered under mini greenhouses in the field. I recommend eating these raw, on the way home. No need to cook these, they stand out raw. If they make it home chop 'em into your salads or put them in your kids lunches.

What are those white radish looking things? Those are called Hakurei turnips and are a spring salad turnip. These are not like their turnip cousins that get you eat mashed at thanksgiving. These are sweet, mild, and crisp and stand out raw. Yes, you can eat the greens, cook them up as you would any cooking green.

Bok choi is a nutritional powerhouse and if you are not familiar with it yet, this is your lucky week! Wash them well (sometimes soil gets lodged at the base where all the stems connect), chop them up stems and leaves, and make a stir fry with your favorite ingredients.

CSA tips

If this is your first year with us, welcome aboard! Don't be afraid to ask around the share room. Either the staff (Hannah and Holly) or other shareholders will be happy to share tips on how to use a crop you are unfamiliar with. Maybe there is a veggie you or your family simply does not like, and a new recipe might just be the trick to change minds. You can always send me an email to if you have questions. If you find something you love, please share it with us using our submit your recipe page.

When you bring your share home, we recommend you process it before putting it away in the fridge. Remove roots from their greens so the roots don't get floppy and wash up everything before tucking it away.

Spin greens as dry as you can get them and store them in an airtight container with a paper towel or towel. The drier they are, the longer they will last.

If you want to get really fancy, chop things up for recipes you have planned for the week so you can grab them as you cook. I find if our veggies are ready, we are far more likely to use them and snack on them.

I'm not going to lie, learning to cook with all these veggies can be a challenge but I am confident everyone can do it! Start by just adding more veggies to what you are already doing. Pasta and sauce? Throw some greens in that sauce and have a green salad on the side with it.

Try not to focus on individual vegetable recipes, but meals that can incorporate many different types of veggies. Develop some recipes that your whole family loves and you can bang out in a half hour. These are so helpful to have in your back pocket when you want to just get take out because you're dead tired. Post them on the fridge to help you remember its quicker to cook then do drive to get food and bring it back home.

The internet is chock full of recipes, so if you are a loss, you can always try there. There are a ton of cooking blogs and instagram pages too where I get lots of ideas. I like Food 52, Love and Lemons, and thekitchn.

We also have recipes on our website and I post one every week in our newsletter that focuses on a current crop. Here's to good eating, and expanding all of our relationships with vegetables.

Recipe of the Week: 

Ginger Miso dressing

  • 1 rounded tablespoon white or yellow miso
  • 2 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar, or 1 tablespoon rice vinegar and 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
  • ½ teaspoon grated fresh ginger
  • 1 small garlic press, minced or put through a press
  • Pinch of cayenne
  • 2 tablespoons dark sesame oil
  • 2 tablespoons peanut oil or grapeseed oil
  • 2 tablespoons plain low-fat yogurt

Mix all ingredients. We use a hand held blender. Serve on a bed of fresh spring lettuce.


Something wonderful

We're jumping for joy because the share is starting!
We're jumping for joy because the share is starting

Dear Friends,

After weeks and weeks of plowing, planting, weeding and waiting we have been delighted to finally start to see our fields fill with food. The start of the season is one of the most exciting times of year. There will come a time soon when a head of lettuce is something ordinary and routine, just another item in the CSA share. But after a long and hungry winter full of root crops and pale grocery store salad, that first head of lettuce is a truly beautiful sight. There is nothing quite like the first vegetables. As delicious crisp, and fresh as that first head of lettuce is, there is some added joy in the fact that it signifies the beginning of something wonderful. What begins as a trickle of arugula, lettuce, radishes and kale will turn into an absolute down pour of carrots, beets, tomatoes, and squash before we know it.

Speaking of down pours, has it been a wet spring or what? Every season is different and spring time seems to exemplify that more than any other part of the season. In the past, we have had snow in April but we have also had balmy summer like Aprils. You never know what you’re going to get. Despite a brief warm stretch early on, this spring has been cold, wet and cloudy. Even on the sunny days we seem to get a passing afternoon shower. I can’t remember the last week of sunny weather, actually I can’t really remember the last day when it was sunny from start to finish. We have been doing our best to keep the train rolling right along, although the weather certainly makes a difference. The biggest effect the weather has had thus far is pushing the start of the CSA back a little bit. In a more typical year, we probably would have started the CSA last week, but the crops just weren’t there this year.  The crops look good, they’ve just been growing a little bit slower than they normally do. While I may not love the cool weather, and our field tomatoes and peppers don’t seem very pleased, some of the crops really thrive in the mild weather. The lettuce and kale look absolutely amazing and ready to go. The broccoli and cabbage are getting really close and they look spectacular.

While the crops are growing out in the field, Shepard has been doing a ton of growing himself. He is well over 20 pounds these days, crawling and cruising all over the place. He is a really happy little guy and we have been delighted to see all his growth and progress. He is still a bit young to help us out in the field but Kerry will often carry him on her back for various tasks so he is beginning to get a taste of what his future holds. He absolutely loves meeting new people so if you see him out on the farm come say ‘Hi’ when you pick your share up!

We are absolutely thrilled that you have chosen to join us for the 2017 CSA season, we’re hoping to make it a great one!

Your farmers,
Anthony, Chris, Erica, Hannah, Holly, Kelsea, Kerry and Max

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