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April 6, 2014

Share Payment Reminder

Just a reminder regarding share payments.  Most of you are caught up, but a $200 payment was due January 31.  Remaining balances are due by May 15.  We always welcome full payment at any time (it helps reduce the processing load come May).

If you have any questions regarding your share payments, feel free to contact me.

A night out with Provider Farm...

On April 17, La Belle Aurore in Niantic is hosting a special spring dinner featuring our roots ("dirt candy" as they put it) and Beltane Farm's goat cheese and your favorite farmers us and Paul and Mark from Beltane Farm.  For more information about the event check out their website.

Spring Open House at Provider Farm

On May 17 at 4 PM we are hosting a farm tour and potluck at Provider Farm.  Come on out and see the farm, hear about how we farm, and share a meal with us.  Bring a dish to share

This Week's Share

Shaking off the Cobwebs

New life on the farm-Sweet baby.
New life on the farm-one sweet baby.

Dear Friends,

April is here, the sun has come out and it looks like spring may finally be here to stay. After one of the coldest Marches that we can remember, 50 degrees and sunny is quite alright with us. While late March and early April are traditionally a very busy time for us on the farm, this year we have been stuck in a bit of a holding pattern. We have spent a lot more time waiting for things to warm up and dry out than I can every remember doing before. Usually, by the first week of April we have finished spreading compost and are already starting to pick rocks and harrow the fields. This year however a fair amount of our acreage is either under water or otherwise inaccessible. Despite the cold weather and the slow start out in the fields, things are cranking right along in the greenhouse and everywhere you look you can see signs of spring.

Regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way, our greenhouse is run on more of a schedule than anything else. Every year we fire up the house in the second week of April and begin seeding onions and early tomatoes. This year has been no different and the warm, lush, green of the greenhouse has been a welcome respite from an otherwise fairly dreary March. Starting the greenhouse is one of my favorite times of the year. The new season holds so much hope and so many possibilities. I love seeding tray upon tray of onions, beets, broccoli and cabbage and anxiously wait as they begin to poke their tiny green heads from the soil., The work in the greenhouse also serves as a bit of spring training for us on the farm. We tend to try and take things pretty easy during the winter, and as a result it helps to ease back into the season rather than just jumping in full bore. The greenhouse allows us a pleasant environment to shake off the cobwebs and get used to being on a schedule again.

The cow barn has been a bustling busy place so far this spring. We have had two calves born in the last two weeks and at least one more expected soon. Leila and Juno are second time moms and both did an excellent job both calving and taking care of their new babies. It's always nice when there is new life on the farm. The little calves offer an endless amount of entertainment and we probably spend more time than we should 'checking the cows' just to watch them play with each other. The cows always get a little restless at this time of year, it's been a long winter for them as well as us and they are looking ever wistfully at the pastures waiting for the grass to start growing. Now that it feels like the weather has finally broke, hopefully in a matter of weeks the pastures will once again be lush and green.

The sun is shinning bright today and it is more than welcome. We have spent so much of the last weeks feeling like we're all dressed up with no where to go. Now the tractors are fueled up, the transplants are growing, and we are more than ready to get out there, get going and start growing.

Your Farmers

Max and Kerry

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