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August 8, 2012

More melons coming in.  This week...canteloupes!  Our eggplants are finely starting to pick up their production.  Some well timed waterings seamed to have helped them out.  Our third planting of summer squash is starting to kick in.  Unfortunatly, our third planting of cucumbers are not doing well, so get your cukes now.  They are probably the last of the season.

Is that a hint of yellow I saw on our spaghetti squash?  Spaghetti squash coming soon...

This Week's Share

Wait a minute...did that say tomatoes?  It sure did!  We did a little farmer magic and turned some of our overabundance of fresh onions into tomatoes with a little help from our friends at Fort Hill Farm.  Paul had extra tomatoes, we had extra onions, so we made a trade with him and its a win for everyone.  These tomatoes are certified organic.  We hope you enjoy them!  We have cilantro and basil and hot peppers-all the things that pair perfectly with tomatoes.

Recipe of the Week: 

Eggplant tomato stir-fry


1-2 Asian eggplants
1 onion
2-3 tomatoes
soy sauce
rice wine vinegar
sesame oil
2 tbs olive oil
a couple cloves of garlic


Chop onions and garlic. Slice eggplants into thin rounds and chop onions into small cubes. Heat oil in a pan or wok. Add onions and garlic and cook stirring until translucent. Add tomatoes and cook until soft. Add eggplants and cook until tender. Season with vinegar and soy sauce. Turn heat off and add sesame oil. Serve over rice.

Kerry's coworker at Brookfield used to make it for breakfast

The Amazing Flying Watermelons

Photo of unloading watermelons from truck
Kerry unloading the watermelons

Dear Friends,

I am happy to report that the past week has been a nice balance of rainy days and sunny days and we really feel like we're hitting our stride here on the farm. We are smack dab in the middle of our storage onion harvest. We have already brought 5,000 pounds of red and yellow beauties into the greenhouse to cure and we have about 5,000 pounds still in the field. This marks a nice transition for us, as most of the large planting is over with and we begin harvesting in earnest. The days are still hot but the evenings and mornings have been cool and crisp. There is consistently heavy dew when we wake up and believe it or not, I have actually witnessed with my own two eyes leaves turning from green to yellow.

If I didn't know any better I would say it is starting to feel a bit more like fall but knowing New England's recent weather patterns we are most likely due for a foot of snow at the end of the month and a week of 90 degree days around Halloween. This coming weekend also marks the Northeast Organic Farming Association annual summer conference in Amherst, MA. While we're a bit too busy to attend this year we do get to send Kara and Tana as our proxies. Hopefully, they will return inspired and full of new ideas!

As I am sure you have all figured out by now, we are in the middle of melon season at Provider Farm. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our melons and there is nothing tastier than a ripe watermelon or cantaloupe fresh off the vine. Probably my favorite thing about melons though, is the way in which we harvest them. Watermelons are about as heavy as they are delicious, which makes getting them out of the field a real challenge. Fortunately, we have a great system for harvesting this shareholder favorite. One farmer walks through the middle of the field picking ripe melons and than throwing them (yes thats right! throwing the Watermelons) to another farmer walking alongside the road. The melons are than placed in a windrow. Once the melons are all in a line, we drive a truck or tractor next to them and again throw the melons from the ground (very aerobic)to a person standing in the back of the truck. While it takes some getting used to, and the margin for error is extremely slim, once everyone is on the same page the melon harvest is one of my favorite things on the farm.

            ‘Tis the season to eat well folks!

                                    On behalf of our farm crew,

                                                Kara, Tana and Larry

                                                            Your Farmer's

                                                                       Max and Kerry

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