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May 31, 2012

We herald the season with lots of greens so enjoy your salads this week.

This Week's Share

What to do with all the cooking greens? A simple braising...

Recipe of the Week: 

Basic Braised Greens

  • Cooking greens, washed and chopped
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic (more if you like)
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tbs. olive oil

Heat the oil in the pan under a medium low flame and add garlic. Being careful not to burn garlic, stir until garlic becomes translucent. Add greens and stir for several minutes. Add a little water and cover and check occasionally until greens reach desired tenderness. Sprinkle salt to taste. Greens can be dressed up with a squeeze of lemon, soy sauce, rice vinegar or sesame oil.

News on the Farm

Dear Friends,

Well the wait is finally over! We are so happy to welcome all of you to the official beginning of the harvest season at Provider Farm! The farm is shaping up nicely, our spring crops are ready to harvest and our summer crops are growing before our eyes. Our cows are rotating though our  pastures, happily grazing away, and in general doing what cows do. We have been fortunate to have a nice mix of rain and sun over the past few weeks, pushing the crops along nicely and saving us the stress of having to irrigate on a regular basis. We have been busy planting peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and sweet potatoes while  we try and stay one step ahead of the weeds. This week we will add harvesting to the mix of daily farm tasks as we move into the next phase of the season. The days are getting longer which means we can get more done every day.  This is a really good thing because everyday it seems like there is more to do.

This is an exciting time of year for everyone involved in the CSA. The first share always marks the culmunation of a lot of hard work.  We started making our crop plan and ordering seeds in December and January, we fired our green house up in March, we started planting in the field in April, and in June we finally get to start harvesting.  But this year is especially special for us here on Provider Farm, as it is not only our first share of the season but it is our first share ever!  Even before all of that work began, we began planning for this. 

We had been searching for land for a solid year, assistant managing seperate farms and spending our weekends driving all over New England looking at swamps, gravel pits and parking lots all advertised as 'prime land'  before we discovered this fantastic opportunity in Southeastern Connecticut. Even before we began looking for land together, we both independently developed the dream of owning our own farm one day.  We met while farming seperate farms in western MA in 2011.  While we were learning the ropes, we would share stories of the trials and tribulations of middle farm management and before we knew it, we were married last October 8.  As our relationship developed and grew, so too were our farming aspirations.

Running our own CSA is a dream we were able to share with each other, a dream that really drew us together and solidified our bond to each other. In many ways, the first share of the 2012 season is more than just a winter and springs worth of hard work.  It is a realization of a dream for us and the start of something wonderful. We are so happy to have all of you with us for our first season. We absolutely could not do this without the support that we get from our members, and we are grateful.

            On Behalf of our farm crew

                        Kara, Tana, and Larry

            Your Farmers,

                       Max and Kerry


Share Pick Up

Share pick up will take place on the farm. 30 Woodbridge Rd. Salem Ct, 06420. 2pm -7pm on Friday's.  We will be selling bread from Farm to Hearth and our very own grass-fed beef, so bring your wallets!


Parking for the CSA is located directly across the street from our driveway, along the road perpendicular with the cow barn, and in the back farm yard past the main drive way. There are signs indicating where to park and where not to.  Please follow all signs on the farm regarding parking. Please drive carefully when you are on the farm, children could be anywhere!

New Provider Farm Website Launches Today!

Check out our new website at  Thanks to Kerry's talented brother Aaron, we have a much improved website.  It includes lots of handy tools for our shareholders including information about crops and recipes and a shareholder page that tells you whats in your share every week and CSA news.  You can submit your favorite recipes to our site if you would like to share.

The site also works great on mobile devices so you can get information about your share on the go. 

Check it out and let us know what you think. 


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