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This soup is great served hot or cold. For the chilled version, serve with dollops of unflavored yogurt.
Celeriac looks like a wild wrinkly alien to me, but man does it taste good. This rich soup is a perfect vehicle for the root's subtle flavor. -Tana
This recipe is for crock pot cooking but could easily be done in the oven too.
A basic soup recipe for when you are staring at a pile of veggies from your share and have no plans and no idea what to do with them. Its easy, its free form and you probably have everything you need in your kitchen cupboard. Great for cozy eating on dreary days. Plus leftovers are great for the week's lunches. And extra bonus, my kid loves this, so hopefully yours will too!
A delicious creamy soup with just a mild parsnip flavor and warming spices.
This is a classic Italian way to serve escarole, braised with white beans in a soup. Add some sweet potatoes because why not? they are nourishing and delicious.So good and warming for fall days.
A wonderful traditional Italian dish for fall.
A winter and fall classic! I'm cooking this for dinner this very minute as I type. Great vegetarian but try it with our beef sausage, if that's your thing. I never have Parmesan rind on hand, so I just sprinkle Parmesan on top, which really brings it together. Throw in whatever roots you have on hand or chopped butternut too.
This is a phenomenally tasty and comforting soup
A delicious recipe for any season. Sub in whatever veggies and beans you have on hand.
We have been eating this soup all the time this winter. It is easy to cook and warming. It can be made vegetarian (toss in some cashews, tofu or a few tablespoons of peanut butter) or with chicken and with whatever winter vegetables you have on hand. I substitute like crazy and it always turns out good.
This is intended for 1 person so double or triple as needed.
A warming soup for your table using all our favorite root vegetables.
A classic down home soup from my childhood. I love this stuff, its so simple and can be made vegetarian or not. I grew up eating it with Slovenian kielbasa, a truly rare find I have to order from a butcher in Cleveland, the land of the Slovenian polka hall of fame and memories of my Slovenian grand parents.
This is a great CSA recipe, totally customizable by season! In the winter, replace the summer squash with kohlrabi, meat radishes, winter squash and turnips and use tomatoes you froze from the summer share.
This is a convenient, easy broth base, which is stored in the freezer. The salt content prevents it from freezing solid, so you just scoop out what you need. Despite the amount of salt in recipe, the reconstituted broth is not salty.
This is a wonderful harvest soup to eat on cool fall days and rich enough to make a meal with a nice chunk of bread and a Provider Farm salad. Having lived in West Africa, I can't say that this is the most authentic dish (or at least not in Togo). But I did eat a lot of peanut based stews. Meals there are composed of a stew, and some kind of starchy staple to eat it with, in my area, it was mostly corn mush. You would grab a lump of it with your fingers (only your right hand!), scoop up the soup and slurp it down!