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Side dishes

These are really good, just as good as the deep fried version, if not better. Make up the whole package of egg roll wrappers, it'll make a lot but then you'll have leftovers and they're delicious cold too the next day. Believe me, you won't be disapointed.
These are delicious! Not the same as fried ones, but still good and better for you. You can sub in whatever veggies you like. Eat with cilantro chutney.
This is so easy and so good for making a quick green side dish to accompany any meal and get greens into your diet.
These herbs complement each other and the result is a super salad. Great for BBQ's or picnics!
This hummus is delicious and the bright pink color is eye catching! A hit on the party table.
This is super easy and simple and a great way to incorporate more vegetables into a meal. Its very versatile, and its delicious too! Add some chili powder and a few tomatoes for Mexican rice. Turn it into a pilaf with some chopped almonds and raisins or cranberries. Add chopped colored peppers or carrots for some color.
Liven up your grilled fish or meat with this fantastic side. Or pair with mushrooms and a grain for a vegetable dinner.
Simple and delicious. If you don't have asafetida on hand, I have subbed in mustard seeds and its delicious. Sheppy even said "mmm, yummy" and he is in a picky three year old stage.
This recipe made me fall in love with cauliflower after years of ignoring it. Each mouthful is like a velvety cheesy piece of heaven. -tana
Kimchi is a classic spicy Korean pickle made fermenting cabbage and other Asian veggies. Not only is it delicious, it is also extremely good for you. says, "Why to try it: Kimchi (or kimchee) is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, but its biggest benefit may be in its “healthy bacteria” called lactobacilli, found in fermented foods like kimchi and yogurt. This good bacteria helps with digestion, plus it seems to help stop and even prevent yeast infections, according to a recent study.
We eat a lot of oven fries, especially in the winter when were rich in potatoes and happy to have a hot oven going. Max's winter goal this year was to perfect his oven fry and this technique has really elevated his fries to near deep fried fry levels. We've used every variety of potato and they are all good, though the Kennebecs do make a nice long fry. A key factor is to give the fries lots of space and not overlap them while baking so they do not steam each other.
A delicious cooling side to serve with a curry. Perfect for hot summer weather when the cukes are in season.
I was looking for recipes using fennel and found one that combined fennel and carrots. I added the summer squash, scallions, and curry powder. This is so good I could eat it every day, and all the vegetables are from the farm. It's easy and quick and can be made vegan by using coconut milk and deleting the butter.
A simple recipe kicked up a knotch! Makes a tender, flavorful Brussels sprout.
Its a bit of a process to make risotto, but the results are a creamy comfort food.
Delicious potatoes, a bit long to cook but well worth it!
This dressed-up green bean recipe will have them running back for seconds.
These turnips and their greens are delicious sautéed in sesame oil. So easy. We skipped the sesame seed garnish and didn't miss it.
Fermenting things might sound scary, but its really not very hard at all! It an old timey storage tradition and I have memories of my Slovenian grandpa showing me his crock of fermenting cabbage. The lacto-fermentation method adds nutrients and a bazillion little friendly microorganisms (way more then even yogurt) that can help the winter warn body ward off flues and colds and maybe even the winter blues.
Delicious as an addition to a meal or an anytime snack!
About this time every summer, I start looking for sources of green tomatoes. Kerry says she might get me some this year. I was too late last summer. It is great on toast, mixed into yogurt, or on the side with meat or cheese. It is easy to make. I put it into jars from commercial jams and jellies. Recycling! I keep one jar in the refrigerator and freeze the rest until needed. It never makes it through the year. Don't can. There isn't enough sugar to insure that the jam won't spoil.
A zesty twist on a simple side dish! Great paired with fish or poultry!
I was inspired to make these after having some amazing carrots at Cafemantic in Willimantic. The carrots soften and develop caramelized edges as they roast, so good!
A traditional Italian side dish to serve at room temperature as antipasto.
My favorite way to eat celeriac! The celeriac adds subtle flavor and lightens the potatoes.
This recipe for mashed veggies is so much more interesting and tasty than ordinary mashed potatoes. Try it at your next holiday cookout!
Roasted broccoli is quick to prep and crazy good. The broccoli becomes very tender and almost melty and the florets get crispy and browned, I like to let them very dark and crisped.
These awesome healthy fries are an interesting alternative to the usual potato french fries. They are also very versatile, as they can be served with ranch, maple butter, ketchup, whatever you prefer!
Add these tasty pickles to your hummus, babaganoush or falafal sandwich. You won't regret it!
A delicious salty and buttery potato dish. You will eat the whole thing and then make it again the next day, I promise.
Great for late summer, a grilled potato dish that is super easy.
A creamy side dish for a chilly day. True comfort food. Lighten it up by replacing cream with milk.
Yummy pickles that are quick to make and no canning necessary. They can be stored in the fridge for a couple weeks (recipe is not for canning)
This recipe can be used with baby bok choi or with larger bok choi. Great as a side dish to pork or fish.
Chop up the kohlrabi bulb for this recipe and save the greens and cook them for a second side dish.
This is one of my favorite things to do when I'm looking at a mound of roots. Roasting them caramelizes the roots and brings out their sweetness.
Eggplants is so good! This is a quick easy dish to turn you into an eggplant lover.
This is an amazing versatile side dish. It is excellent with pork or roasted chicken, but can also be used as a hash with eggs.
Beet greens are so good and so nutritious. Eat em up when you get them, don't sent them to the compost!
A delicious and easy recipe utilizing the sweet onion and chard--the rainbow chard makes for a very vibrant dish.
This method of cooking butternut makes it ultra sweet and kind of chewy. Even butternut hating Max liked it and ate a whole squash, and then asked for more! I like the thyme but you could also try different spices to mix it up!
Eggplant comes in deep summer when its too hot to cook in the house. Make these on the grill and serve over some rice made in your rice cooker with some cool salads. Perfect meal for a summer evening!
This is one of our favorite fall goodies!
Half of our crew subsists off these hearty cookies, and one of them is an elite trail runner, so you know they're good stuff! These are much less sweet then a Cliff bar and a healthy easy to take with you snack when you need something to get you through the day. Very customizable, add nuts and seeds, dried fruit, and chocolate chips to snazz them up.
A tasty corn bread with the added bonus of sweet potatoes.
Veggies for breakfast! You can make these with parsnips or carrots too!
Delicious rolls to have with a nice dinner or for sandwiches. Things are always better with sweet potatoes!
A traditional Turkish side dish.
From one of my favorite cookbook authors Madhur Jaffrey
Max ate this at Cafemantic (Willimantic) and was blown away.