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This easy sauce will elevate anything you put it on. It is so delicious! Put it on meats and roasted vegetables. Freeze it to brighten winter meals too.
This chutney is delicious as a flavor enhancer to any Indian dish, can be used as a sandwich spread, dolloped on eggs, or anything really.
Drizzle this on anything. Especially great for early season salads.
Tomatoes are plentiful? Now is the time to make sauce. It freezes well so you can have summer all winter long!
This packs a flavor punch! Yummy!
This spread is so simple and full of legume goodness. I eat it for breakfast on open faced sandwiches with loads of whatever vegetables are in season on top. It also serves as a fantastic healthy dip.
A Thai influenced sauce to make with any season's vegetables. Just saute up some veggies and steam some rice or boil up some noodles and top with the sauce.
Roasting tomatoes give them a deeper rich flavor. It takes a little bit of time but doesn't require a lot of work during the time they are cooking and is really easy to do. Serve up with a big bowl of pasta, a big summer salad and maybe some roasted eggplant and summer squash on the side.
A rich sauce from the Catalonia area of Spain. Put in on everything! Meat, veggies, sandwiches. You really can't go wrong.
This is a great recipe for eating fresh or canning! If you are not familiar with canning, make sure to read up on it before attempting. Its not very difficult but you want to make sure you do it right to avoid spoilage.
This is a "too taste" recipe. I like my fresh salsas simple. I think the key is plenty of lie juice and salt. So delish for dipping chips or tacos.
I love this stuff. Its really easy to make. Its great with chips, or on burritos and tacos. It makes a killer sauce for enchiladas. And, it also freezes really well. One of the things I put up for winter!
Quick and easy! Excellent on greens, tomatoes, pasta salad, even grilled vegetables or meat!
Aside from opening a jar, this is the easiest sauce to make. Freezes great too!