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A hearty fall salad made with power greens. Its delicious!
A light slaw to compliment your meals.
Roasted cauliflower is great just plain, but if you want to jazz it up a little, give this recipe a try! The dressing is great on green salads too.
This awesome slaw-like salad is great as a side dish served with say, chicken, or you can add bitter greens and nuts (for example arugula or watercress, hazelnuts or sliced almonds) for a heartier salad option. -Tana
A different and tasty twist on a cabbage salad. Bring some color to the dinner table.
One of our favorite dressings for our salads. We sub in mayo for the yogurt when we don't have it on hand and its delicious.
A light salad to add some crunch to a winter meal. Try adding golden raisins or dried cranberries if you like.
A yummy fall salad. Substitute whatever sharp hard cheese you have for the pecorino. Any kale works too!
I had a salad like this and have been obsessed with ever since eagerly anticipating the fennel harvest. This is the best kale salad there is and I hope it'll make you obsess about kale salads too!
My dear mentor Karen Romanowski made this wonderful salad when I was an apprentice at Brookfield Farm. It is my most favorite way to eat Chinese cabbage. The cabbage is crisp, the olives are flavorful.
A fresh summery salad great for spicing up winter days. This would make a great topping for tacos!
A bright simple salad that tastes like spring
You really can't imagine how good this salad is until you've tried it.
A classic French salad.
This recipe is perfect for early September when summer crops like sweet peppers overlap with fall crops like broccoli. Yum!!
Smashing the cukes allows different compounds in the cukes to combine, giving a different flavor and texture.
If you don't have black vinegar, you can substitute 2 tsp. rice vinegar and 1 tsp. balsamic.
A light refreshing grain salad for the summer time.
Tabouli is one of my favorite summertime recipes. I usually pair it with some hummus and falafel. I'll just leave ou the tomatoes if ours aren't in season.
Every time I go to a Thai restaurant I always try and order sides of this salad, it's so good and addicting! This is great to eat as a snack or as a side with any Asian dish.
Serve as a backdrop to fish or meat dishes or use as a filling for tacos and wraps. The nam pla sauce is a blend of chiles, fish sauce, herbs and lime juice that can be found at you local Asian market.
A great late summer salad for hot days.