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This is a delicious vegetarian entree that everyone will enjoy!
A favorite from my days back at Brookfield Farm, I had forgotten about these until Max and I embarked on meat free November. Boy am I glad I remembered, they're delicious! Serve them up as you would burgers on buns with all your favorite condiments or eat them as patties with mashed potatoes. They're super easy to make and are great reheated for quick lunches.
This chili is just so good its hard to stop eating.
Works for any veggie you have on hand. Super quick when in a pinch. Serve with rice, make extra and make fried rice the next day. Bok choi can trap soil at its base, chop off the base where the leaves attach and soak the bok choi in a bowl of water and then swirl around to get any grit out.
This is a bit of work, what with the pastry dough and all, but it's worth it I promise
A delicious dish with the humble cabbage.
These can be frozen and baked straight from the freezer. To bake from frozen, increase the baking time by 5 to 10 minutes.
Nothing like a warming saucy cauliflower dish to keep cozy in the fall. I like to replace the peas with chickpeas.
A quick and easy vegetarian dish to use up a bunch of tomatoes. Great for summertime eating! Pair with cilantro chutney or raita.
Chicken pot pie is the ultimate comfort food for us and a great way to use up roast chicken leftovers and fill up on root vegetables.
An excellent vegetarian chili for the summer time. Leave out the bulgur or replace with quinoa to go gluten free.
Falafel is so good served up with cukes and tomatoes, garnished with parsley and onions. These are tasty and even my non falafel eating husband asked for seconds. I bet these could also be baked on an oiled cookie sheet instead of pan frying.
This is my go to dish for a delicious, healthy and fast dinner. Seriously, it is so quick and really delicious! I think it is the whole cumin seeds. The recipe calls for chick peas but it really is the most delicious with black eyed peas. Any mix of greens works great in it. Serve it up with rice.
A quick and easy recipe that incorporates lots of veggies. All the yumminess of egg rolls, way less work! Sub tofu for meat for a vegetarian option.
A quick, easy and tasty late summer meal. This is a really free form recipe. The ingredient list is just a guideline and you can make it to your taste. Add scallions, nuts, sesame seeds, get creative!
Since peppers aren’t in season, I have been buying premade enchiladas sauce from the grocery store. You can use any roots you want to, just make sure you cut them into small cubes and don’t go overboard, at least at first. If you wanted to you could substitute chicken breast for the ground beef, just cut the chicken into chunks and than follow the same steps.
A quick and easy Spanish tapas dish. Use whatever greens you have hand! Don't leave out the smoked paprika. This stuff is great, use it on everything!
So fast and easy, a quick mid-week meal. Whenever I make rice, I do extra so that I can throw this together another night of the week
A yummy dish for the summer time.
This recipe is really delicious, quick and versatile for any season of your CSA share. In the spring, top with snap peas, garlic scapes, and broccoli. In the summer, serve it with raw veggies, sliced cucumbers and carrots and if it's not too hot, some stir fried zucchini. In the fall, top with a quick broccoli, pepper, and kale stir fry. Add tofu or whatever meats you prefer.
A fairly flexible dish that is super delicious and easy to make.
I love galumpki's but don't have the patience to make them so this is all of the delishousness with less of the work!
Ratatouille is the perfect summer CSA share recipe! Uses up all those summer squash, tomatoes and eggplants, and amounts don't have to be totally accurate, just close enough. I'm having it tonight with polenta.
This is a simple,nourishing comfort food.
As with a regular lasagne, this one can be made in a large batch and frozen. It's a great way to enjoy zucchini/summer squash all winter!
Farming can really whip up an appetite. We have a rule on the farm that you can't talk about what you are going to eat for lunch until after 11:00. Hannah has been having us drooling over these sandwiches while we weed before lunch!
This stew is fragrant and delicious. You can sub in pretty much any root and I added raisins too. Serve with quinoa, couscous, or rice. We scooped ours up with pita bread.
This warming dish is easy to put together and slow cooks in the oven and is perfect for cold winter days. I made it with our own beef shanks but I almost think I would prefer it with a can of chick peas instead and have added that modification. Serve with rice, I made a pilaf with fruits and nuts.
Sun soaked beaches, crystal blue water, drinks with umbrellas and fresh coconuts, nothing to do...sounds pretty good right now to me now that we've just finished shoveling out of the zillionth snow storm. But the cows keep us close to home, and honestly most of the time I don't really mind, but when winter gets me down or I'm tired of rutabagas, Tacos always pick me up! Its also a great way to use up those green cabbages that are taking up space in your fridge. Cabbage is amazing on your tacos, and with a squeeze of lime, turns your winter vegetable fatigue into fiesta!
Usually I scoff at recipes that have ketchup in the ingredient list, but when I made this, I really wanted pad thai and I didn't have any tamarind paste, a classic pad thai ingredient, on hand. I was a little cynical about it, but Max's review was "as good as take out", which is a good thing. You can add tofu or some meat if you like.
When I lived in Washington DC, my favorite neighborhood greasy spoon was a take out Salvadoran restaurant where I developed a healthy addiction to papusas. Papusas are yummy cheese stuffed tortillas served with a pickled cabbage slaw and the combination of the warm melty cheese and crisp cabbage are what makes them so good. Sadly in Salem, there are no papusas to be had so I've been working on perfecting my papusa making skills. I was really excited to recently find this curtido recipe because I could never replicate it and this recipe is spot on!
At this time of year, more often then we should, we end up eating pizza for dinner. Max saved us from another crummy dinner last week by whipping this up for us. It took him maybe 15 minutes, faster then picking up a pizza! It can be altered to fit the needs of anyone (veggie, gluten free, dairy free, etc.) We had it with Meeting Place Pasture's vindaloo sausage and it was yummmy.
Burritos are one of my favorite foods and I long for a good burrito spot to open up in one of the empty store fronts at the four corners. Until then, these are pretty darned good. Leftovers are so good as a rice bowl for lunch, or with an egg on top for brunch.
This is a different yummy way to use butternut squash.
We have several go to, easy vegetable rich recipes when we are in the dead of the season. This is one of our favorites. It takes one pot and is very flexible, you can throw in any vegetables you have on hand and add chicken, seafood, beans or nuts if you like.
Never underestimate the power of a fritatta when you need to get a healthy dinner on the table and all you want to do is get a bag of burgers at a drive through window. Throw whatever you have in the fridge in and voila, dinner!
An easy sheet pan dinner for fall nights. Serve with sautéed greens and rice. Fini!
I know its hot and who wants to turn on the oven, but its worth it. I could eat this everyday for a long time. Eat it as a side, toss it with pasta or rice, or eat it with bread, and make sure to make extras for sandwiches.
How fun is this!?! What a great way to get some veggies into your breakfast and they can be made ahead for convenience!
This recipe is a little more complicated then my standard recipe, but it is deeelish, so I thought I'd share it. And it calls for mustard greens, one of my favorite cooking greens!
I made a recipe of piroshkis 20 years ago and they were so good, I've been searching for the same recipe ever since. This one may be it!
This dish makes a great brunch meal chock full of vegetables, but is great at any time of the day. Serve with potatoes,rice or polenta and salad for a nice lunch or dinner meal. Lots of room to play around with different herbs and vegetables.
A yummy vegetarian dish. Serve with tortillas, shredded cabbage, avocado and sour cream. Leftovers are great for breakfast with an egg.
Super easy to put together. Make it crustless or whip up a crust or just use a prepared crust. Throw in what ever vegetables you have on hand.
A great way to use up the roasted winter squash from the night before and sneak some veggies into your breakfast. My favorite brunch treat. You can use any winter squash, I especially like it with delicata.
This rich yummy dish is perfect on a cold rainy day, served with a side of cornbread. -Tana
We love eggplant parmesan but don't love all the work. This is an easier version with no frying required. Delish!
Vegetarian sushi is really easy to make and everything you need, you can get at the grocery store. The leftovers also make a tasty rice bowl.
A quick and easy burger packed with sweet potato goodness.
Want some veggies in your breakfast? Try some butternuts in your oats!
A little bit of work, but totally worth it!!! -Tana
Inspired by a delicious Bahn Mi I had at the new lunch spot in Willimantic Not Only Juice, I looked this recipe up so I could make it at home. My search lead me to one of my new favorite cooking blogs and it turns out they're really easy to make and so delicious!
A quick dish to whip up. Use whatever vegetables you have on hand and substitute spaghetti for the noodles if needed. You could also substitute whatever protein for the tofu, I think a scrambled egg would be good too!
Don't be limited by the vegetables in the recipe. Use what you have!
This recipe uses kale and sweet potatoes, but you can substitute whatever veggies you have on hand.
This dish is so good, uses so many things we grow and is really quick to put together. Its also fun to eat, since everyone gets to assemble their own wraps at the table. There are so many different options, if I don't have one particular filling item, I just leave it out and they are always delicious. I think its most delicious with pork but it can be made with whatever you have on hand or chopped vegetables and tofu for the vegetarians.
This dish is perfect for a CSA, you can put all sorts of veggies in it! Sub in ones that are in season. Add grilled tofu or meat if desired or some sauteed zukes and summer squash.
We have been chowing on this and loving it. Before you roll your eyes at the kolhrabi, give it a try! Its really good and crispy. This can be made to fit any diet, and can be as simple or extravagant and rich as you want. Really easy to make ahead and have ready for the whole week, or for lunches at work. You'll make your coworkers jealous!
Zucchini Zucchini bread pancakes? Yes please!
Getting tired of zucchini? Try these yummy squares out.
Growing up, my mom would make a zucchini and tomato summer dish. Now that she has dementia, I can't ask her for the recipe but this is a close approximation. Don't forget to get those important stories and recipes from your elders. During this time of Covid, its a great conversation point if you've run out of things to chat about over distanced communication.