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This hearty Indian dessert can be served warm or cold. Ghee is a type of butter that can be purchased online or at your local international market.
The rich color and flavor of this cake will 'wow' dinner guests.
A chocolatey sweet treat with sweet potatoes hidden away.
The dessert really fancies up a hardy winter root vegetable.
Use any winter squash for this recipe.
A yummy but healthy desert. Works great with a whole wheat or nut based crust.
This is one of those recipes where the winter squash is not the focus of the recipe but more of an ingredient, replacing some of the fat and sneaking some veggie goodness into a treat.
Paletas are Mexican ice pops and a great way to keep melons in your life beyond August.
Veggies for dessert. Why not! This recipe is easy and yummy. It's another great way to use up all that zucchini! If you don't have Maple Whiskey (I use Cabin Fever) just leave it out or sub with maple syrup. Same goes for the extract. Not a maple fan...leave it out altogether. This is a very forgiving recipe and the maple flavor is quite subtle. Want to add nuts, go for it. The point is to have fun and enjoy!
Zucchini for desert? Yes please! Tastes like apple pie!