Provider Farm

From our fields, for your family


Amazing and refreshing! Perfect for a summer brunch or an afternoon snack. Great paired with fish, tortilla chips or all alone!
This is Max's specialty. Try making it with broth from our own beef shanks. Make sure to use yellow onions as other types do not caramelize.
In late summer when cucumbers and tomatoes abound, I make this refreshing snack everyday.
A raw, fresh salsa that compliments just about any meal!
All I can say is...YUM!
This is a super simple, but elegant spring snack.
Tasty for dipping fresh vegetables or chips. Great as a topper for grilled fish or a pita sandwich.
This is such a simple but delicious delight you can have for a month out of the year. It is the quality of farm fresh ingredients and a good crusty bread which makes it so good. Get it while you can!