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Salad greens

We grow all sorts of salad greens: arugla, mizuna, baby lettuce, tot soi. We grow all of them at the book ends of the season, spring and fall and baby lettuce in the heat of the summer when the brassica types just don't like the weather and get spicy.

June, July, August, September, October, November
Storage tips: 

The key to the salad greens, or your whole share for that matter, is to immediately deal with the when you get home. Salad greens are just lightly rinsed to remove the heat of the day from them. When you get home, take them out of your bag and submerge them lightly in a bowl of water, swish them around to let any grit fall out. Rewash again if desired.The key to good storage is to dry them really well. Salad spinners are your friend! Spin those greens till well dry, then keep in an air tight container with a towel in the fridge and they can last for weeks!

Cooking tips: 
Make salads! Although the brassicas (tot soi, arugula, and mizuna) are also great lightly braised or in a pesto.