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Peppers are in the solanum family, the same as eggplants and tomatoes.  We grow lots of different types of peppers.  For sweet peppers, we grow green, red, yellow, purple, and cubanelle.  Hot pepper varieties include habaneros, anaheim, cayenne, hungarian hot wax, jalapenos and poblano. Peppers are a warm weather crop and are available in August and September.

August, September
Storage tips: 

Store in a bag in the fridge. Peppers freeze well.  Just slice them up and put them in a freezer bag.  A great summer treat for soups in the middle of the winter.

Cooking tips: 
Take the white and seeds out of hot peppers to reduce the heat in dishes. When using habaneros in dishes, do not cut them up. Just toss in your dish and cut and remove prior to eating. This will impart the flavor of the pepper without too much heat. Sweet peppers are wonderful for snacking, salads, and all cooked dishes.