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A head of Broccoli is actually an intricate bouquet of tiny flower buds. Broccoli likes it cooler and can withstand frosts, so we grow it in the spring and fall. The family of broccoli (brassica) is renown for it's healing qualities and it's nutritional value.

June, September, October, November
Storage tips: 

Broccoli can be frozen for wintertime meals. Cut into desired cooking size and blanch. Drain well and put into freezer bags, removing as much air as possible.

Cooking tips: 
Broccoli is great steamed, roasted, sauteed and raw. Mix it into stir fries or vegetable dishes. Broccoli is chronically overcooked until it is mushy. Cook it just long enough to make it tender and turn it vibrant green. You may find that those who didn't like it before will love it.