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Beets are a wonderful rich vegetable available all season long. In the spring, they are often smaller in size and come with their edible greens attached. Beet greens are a fine New England tradition but many folks do not realize they are edible. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!! (well...unless you've tried them and have decided you don't like them...) In the fall, beets come as larger roots with no greens, ready for winter storage. We grow several varieties of beets. In the spring, we like Early Wonder which matures early and has lovely greens. For fall, we grow Red Ace, a rich red beet that stores well. We also grow Chioggia beets, which when sliced, look like a bulls eye with alternating rings of red and white.

June, July, August, September, October, November
Storage tips: 

Spring beets with greens can be blanched and frozen. Beets lend themselves to storage though. To hold fall beets into the winter, simply place them in a plastic bag in your refrigerator and they can hold for a couple months. Better yet, if you have an area that stays cold but doesn't freeze (a garage or bulk head), place them there with a blanket over them.

Cooking tips: 
Beets are wonderful in so many ways. Their sweetness is brought out in cooking. Try just steaming them, or roasting them.