Provider Farm

From our fields, for your family


Max cultivating in some cover crop seed in a late broccoli planting.

We believe in agriculture as a way of life and that good farming is a fundamental tenant of any society. As farmers it is our job to feed our community. We strive to produce the best possible products and the only way that we can achieve this is through good, ecologically based agricultural practices.

Soil is our most precious resource and the foundation of our farm. Healthy soil makes a healthy farm. Soil is a complex living organism that needs to be fed and cared for like any other living thing. That is why at Provider Farm we don't use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We have a compost based fertility system and practice crop rotations and cover cropping to ensure that our soil remains healthy and strong.

For the time being we have elected not to certify our farm as organic through the USDA. We feel that the USDA organic standards have their place somewhere in the agricultural world but on our farm we do not feel that the certification process is appropriate. The certification process is expensive and somewhat arbitrary. We have signed the CTNOFA Farmer's Pledge (pdf) and we strongly encourage our share holders to visit our farm and see our fields. We raise happy cows and healthy vegetables and we are happy to show you around!