Provider Farm

From our fields, for your family

Meet the farmers

Photo of Kerry, Max and cow

We are Max and Kerry Taylor, and we can’t wait to be your farmers! We have over 20 years combined experience growing healthy, whole, natural foods and are thrilled to be able to share our expertise with your family.  We are the next generation of farmers at Woodbridge Farm and we look forward to growing for you!

Farmer Max

Max harvesting the potatoes

Max was born and raised outside of Chicago IL, a mighty long way from  a biodynamic farm in Southern Connecticut. Despite that, his path to Provider Farm was pretty direct. Max attended Umass Amherst where he met, courted and married sustainable agriculture. Max worked on a few farms in western Mass before landing at Riverland Farm where he worked for three and a half years. It was through Riverland Farm that Max met Kerry and the rest is history as they say.

Max is the all around crop guy on the farm and is in charge of building and enacting the yearly crop plan. He is our all around tractor jockey and manages our fleet of 8 tractors and 5 trucks. Max currently enjoys spending his off time climbing the abundant rock around CT.

Farmer Kerry

Kerry planting a seedling

Kerry came up farming for five years at Brookfield Farm, a large vegetable CSA in Amherst, MA. She grew up in Providence, RI and spent her childhood attempting to grow plants in her beloved shady backyard, inspired by her grandfather's gardens. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, she caught the farming bug when she worked at Pomykala Farm in South Hero, VT for a season. After completing her term in the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa, she was inspired to pursue her love of farming and has never looked back.

Kerry wears several hats on the farm. She single handedly manages the cow herd, our greenhouses, buildings and grounds, irrigiation and fencing, our harvests and all the office work (personel, bookeeping, marketing) that goes into running a small farm. In her off time, Kerry enjoys cooking, running and hiking with her toddler. She'll climb a rock from time to time too.

Other folks you'll see on the farm...

Larry Manire has had the life long dream of having his own farm. He is also the father of Kerry and we are lucky to have him around. He volunteered as an all around fixer guy at Brookfield Farm with Kerry and learned the ropes of making things "farm strong" there. He is the original do-it-yourselfer and is handy at just about any project.  He fixes everything we break armed with his non-stop can-do attitude.