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Farm Crew Wanted


We are currently accepting applications for 2019.

Provider Farm is a 16 acre vegetable farm based in Salem, CT. We grow mixed vegetables following OMRI organic standards and have a small herd of grassfed beef cattle. We are primarily a CSA farm and our main marketing focus is on our summer and winter CSA, with some wholesale accounts as well. Our farm is a fast paced environment where we strive for quality and efficiency in everything we do. We have quite a few tractors and much of our work is mechanized but vegetable farming requires a lot of hands to get the job done. That is where the farm crew comes in.

General overview:

Farm crew members will be involved in many aspects of the farm. In the spring, we spend a lot of time in the production greenhouse seeding our starts. We also may work in the field clearing rocks, setting up irrigation and fencing, and planting the first of the early crops. By May, the pace is frenetic and the crew are planting,caring for crops through trellising and covering them, weeding, hoeing and sometimes irrigating at full bore.

June is the high point of the season when the CSA starts and we do all of the spring activities plus harvesting three-four times a week.  June and July are the high point of weed growth with all the long days and we spend quite a bit of time weeding and there is more and more to harvest. August brings some big harvests like tomatoes, melons, peppers, and onions and we can spend most of the days harvesting. Fortunately, the weeds start to slow down.

Come September, work days start to shorten and we focus on really bringing in the harvests and lots of storage crops to keep through the winter. The pace starts to slow down a bit by October and we plant garlic and finish up the CSA, and by mid November we have cleaned up all the messes of the season and are putting a bow on the year.

Crew requirements:

Farm work is hard and hot. Farm crew members should be able to work outside in all sorts of weather (hot, cold, rain).  Farm work requires heavy lifting repeatedly (all applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly) and kneeling and squatting for long periods of time. Those with week backs or past injuries should strongly consider this before applying.

Most of our work is carried out in teams, so crew members must be able to get along with others, receive verbal orders and repeatedly carry out demonstrated orders effectively and efficiently at a rapid pace.

Full time Crew members

Schedule: Full time crew members start work in early March for the full season until mid-November. We work Monday-Friday. Work hours in the early and late season are 8-5 with an hour lunch break. Peak season is 7-5 with an hour lunch break. Full season crew members receive a week vacation.

Responsibilities: Full time crew members are the backbone of the farm. The will be trained on all tasks of the farm and will be responsible for vehicle operation.

Skills and qualifications:  Farm requires lifting 50 lbs repeatedly and squatting for long periods of time. Farm work or other outdoor experience is helpful but not required. A strong work ethic is required.

Compensation: Hourly wage starts at $10.50/hour depending on experience plus produce for personal consumption.

Part time Crew members

Schedule: Part time crew members are hired for the period of mid-May-September or any part of that time. Work hours are Monday-Friday 7-5 with one hour unpaid lunch breaks and flexibility is available for hours and days of work per week.

Responsibilities:Duties will include weeding, planting, harvesting, trellising and other farm jobs as needed. 

Skills and qualifications: Work requires lifting 50 lbs. regularly, squatting for long periods of time and work in high heat and rain.  Work is all in teams and applicants must be able to et along with others.

Compensation: Hourly wage starts at $10.50/hour plus produce fo personal consumption.

This job is great for high school and college students and moms!

To apply: We require an on farm working interview.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and three work references through this link.