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You can't beet our carrots!

Winter keeps rolling right along, and we are rolling with it. After seeing quite a few real cold nights and some pretty cold days in the past two weeks we’re looking forward to some more mild weather this coming week as we prepare for the fourth winter share distribution. We are continuing to make headway with our crop planning for the coming season. It’s always fun picking new varieties and exciting exotic crops, as we flip through the colorful seed catalogs and dream of spring. It takes a little while after the end of the season before we want to think about farming again.

January 18, 2015

Winter's grip

The holidays have come and gone, and once again we find ourselves in the earliest days of a brand new year. Things have been fairly quiet on the farm since our last winter share pick up. We’ve spent the past couple weeks taking some time to see friends and family and explore this wonderful area we live in. The cows, horse, chores and farm in general don’t really offer us the opportunity to take a full fledged vacation, to compensate for this we have mastered the art of the staycation, this year in the form of many hikes around the area. While a bit of a break is nice, we are excited to get back into the swing of things, shake off some of the cob webs and continue to push our way through the winter.

January 5, 2015

101 Things to Do with Kohlrabi

Dear Friends,

Despite several sunny days and the warm weather, the incessant holiday and music calendar page are a good reminder that it is in fact still winter. In many ways, winter hasn’t even really begun and we are still riding the last waves of autumn. We do our best to take advantage of the mild weather when it’s here, whether we’re outdoors working, or just walking through the woods, we try and soak up every bit of sunlight we can at this time of year.

December 15, 2014

Full to the Brim

Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is over, the turkey leftovers are running low and the calendar page has flipped to December, it is finally time for the Winter Share to begin. We have been busy over the past month, battening down the hatches and preparing the farm for the long winter ahead. Between frigid nights and hungry deer, we are all but finished with any crops in the field. We still have a few leeks and a little bit of kale that are bravely holding on, but this is certainly the season for high tunnel greens and storage crops.

December 1, 2014

Grass-fed beef now available!

We currently have loads of 100% grassfed beef available.  We have ground, stew, roasts, and steaks, all raised on pasture and 100% GMO free.  We sell by appointment or during our CSA hours.

Provider Farm is hiring!

We are currently hiring part time workers for June-August 2015.  This is a great opportunity for students. More information here.

Produce available at local Co-ops and area restarants

Our produce is available year round at Fiddleheads Co-op in New London and the Willimantic Co-op and area restuarants.

Gift certificates for Provider Farm produce and Grass-fed Beef

Give the gift of good food and health this holiday season.  We now have gift certificates available that can be used for  the purchase of a CSA share, our produce at the winter and summer Coventry Farmers Market, and our grassfed beef.

Contact us to purchase one today!

Good Food For All: Provider Farm Donates Food

Here at Provider Farm, we believe everyone should have access to good, fresh food. That's why we've worked with some friends to get our excess produce to those who can use it. We currently donate hundreds of pounds of organic produce a week to the New London Food bank.  We are also excited to be working with the Norwich Public Schools to get fresh vegetables into kids meals!

October 2, 2012