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Recoiling the Spring

The cool nights and mild days persisted as we continue to trudge through August. As we approach Labor Day, it is time to say good bye to a few crops we’ve all come to know and love. After a booming season of deliciousness, it is time to say good bye to the watermelons. Over the past four weeks, we have harvested, distributed and eaten over 15,000 pounds of watermelon, and cantaloupe. As much as we love them and wish they could stay around all season, their time has come and we have to say good bye.

August 23, 2014

What should we be when we grow up?

What a whirlwind of a week! With an impending mid-week storm, we set out, fierce and determined to get all our storage onions safely in the greenhouse. Once onions dry in the field they really don’t want to get wet again. Like really, really don’t want to get wet, like turn into rotten onion mush if they get rained on.

August 16, 2014

The turning point

If my memory serves correctly, August is a month of big harvests and little sleep. So far it seems like this year is going to be no different. We’ve already harvested over 11,000 pounds of watermelon and cantaloupe and it’s not even the middle of the month!

August 9, 2014

Coming Home

We don’t need a calendar to know what time of year it is, one quick look around the share room tells us that summer is in full swing. The melons have arrived with a cacophony of banners and bells. The incredibly dry July has made the melons especially sweet this year, the cantaloupes are particularly delicious.

August 2, 2014

Grass-fed beef now available!

We currently have loads of 100% grassfed beef available.  We have ground, stew, roasts, and steaks, all raised on pasture and 100% GMO free.  We sell by appointment or during our CSA hours.

Produce available at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market, local Co-ops and area restarants

We sell our produce at the Coventry Regional Farmers Market every Sunday 11-2 from June-November. Can't make it to the market? Our produce is also available at Fiddleheads Co-op in New London and the Willimantic Co-op.

Gift certificates for Provider Farm produce and Grass-fed Beef

Give the gift of good food and health this holiday season.  We now have gift certificates available that can be used for  the purchase of a CSA share, our produce at the winter and summer Coventry Farmers Market, and our grassfed beef.

Contact us to purchase one today!

Good Food For All: Provider Farm Donates Food

Here at Provider Farm, we believe everyone should have access to good, fresh food. That's why we've worked with some friends to get our excess produce to those who can use it. We currently donate hundreds of pounds of organic produce a week to the New London Food bank.  We are also excited to be working with the Norwich Public Schools to get fresh vegetables into kids meals!

October 2, 2012